Smart Desk dock System P2C T7

Smart Desk dock System P2C T7 Charging mount with printer, scanner, MSR, SCR, NFC included.

Compatible with a variety of Android, windows based tablets

Durable and stable with a low center of gravity design. Smart Desk dock System

P2C T7 Our POS system is a sturdy, luxurious system to meet all your customer’s system needs

Host : ACA-Dock, OTG Mode, CHARGE Mode Built-in Printer : 3 Inch Auto Cutter Options : Magnetic Stripe Reader, Smart Card Reader, Dallas Reader (i-Button), Scanner, NFC

Display Various Tablet size support (10” to 12”) Use the tablet as needed by your customer
Operating System Compatible with a variety of Android, windows based tablets
Various turning angles Various turning angles allows the tablet to be used as both main & second display
MSR MSR, SCR, Dallas Key All-in-One Smart Structure MSR : ISO7811, All Track Security Module (Able to choose USB or Serial in BIOS) SCR : IC Card Reader (Ultra Slim Body)
Printer Communication: UART (RS-232) or USB Built-in Printer : 3 Inch Auto Cutter Buer Size: 1Mbytes Paper roll : 80mm High speed : 170mm/sec
Security Feature Block illegal usage (able to assign website) Support PC/SC, IC Card Reader (International standard EMV Level 1 certified) Support Magnetic Stripe Data Encryption (AES)
Barcode Scanners Integrated 1D / 2D CCD
NFC Integrated NFC
Integration Side USB, External USB, Serial, Cash Drawer I/O Port Support Multiple 3rd party device supported

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